Glofolio is a social network / travel portal that connects travelers and travelers from all over the

world and gives them the opportunity to exchange experiences across the world.

The platform creates space for you to place your own Videos and share your valuable knowledge

about Route planning, accommodation, and activities.

By sharing your own travel experiences, you generate the content of the Website itself and standing

in direct interaction with the community, whereby a community created.

Through the pictures and video gallery, Glofolio allows you be immersed into the most different places

in the world easily and quickly and to go on a discovery tour.

In addition, there is also a podcast, in which travelers in the interview talk in detail about their travel

adventuresand at the same time share valuable insider knowledge with you.With the help of the podcast,

you can get useful tips and suggestions for your own holiday planning or simply be inspired by the

exciting travel trophies of the Interviewees.

Of course, the images, videos and podcast sequences can be liked, commented and shared

on other social networks.

Also in the country specific country forums you get the possibility to get country specific information and

actively exchange with the community.

In addition to the informative aspect, the website also serves as a source of inspiration and inspiration

Conversation. In addition, you can follow other users to maintain the contact.

Thanks to Glofolio you do not have to fight anymore by the information overload of the Internet. Impressively,

Glofolio allows you to explore the wonderful and wide world on a virtual way, to let you be inspired for future

holiday plans and at the same time International network of cosmopolitan people.